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What are the fees for each tournament?

Each tournament costs $395.00 per player


Does Team Eighteen reserve hotel blocks for tournaments?

We do not typically reserve hotel blocks for our teams, with the nationwide nature of our program we leave accommodations to each family. 


When do players receive jerseys?

Typically, new players will receive jerseys at our shoot around practice the night before each tournament. Current players will continue to use the Purple/Gold Eighteen reversible through the summer of 22’  


How are Team 18 tournament teams chosen?

Each team is put together via a combination of our online application/film; coach recommendations; & our multiple training camps we hold throughout the year.


Are Team 18 teams “National” teams?

All our teams are national by virtue of the geographic diversity we love. We want to compete at the highest level at the best events in the country and in the same breath we seek to give opportunities to enhance our players exposure & general club lacrosse experience. 


When are training camps?

Training camps are typically held twice a year, dates will be updated on our website with registration information.


Who will coach the team?

We have an incredible staff of coaches with experience at all levels. Although we like the continuity of keeping our coaches with specific teams it is not always possible.


What if there is a conflict with your home club?

Team 18 is strictly supplemental! Your home club is a priority, and we understand that.   


What is the commitment to play for Team 18?

The beauty of our program is it is “al la carte”, we build close relationships with all our players and families whether they participate in all available events or just one. We do expect players to honor their commitment with us and understand how scheduling conflicts can arise. Give us as much run up time as possible so we can play accordingly.

Does Team 18 help with recruiting?

We look to tap our vast network to help all our players with their recruiting process when that time comes. Currently we advise our players on a case-by-case basis but look to offer more comprehensive recruiting services in the near future.


Can I get film from Team 18?

Yes, the large majority of our events are covered by NLV or some other film service. We typically purchase the film for our club and offer it to our players for a small fee. 


Who is Team 18 for?

Not every player/family wants or even needs additional lacrosse with their schedules, and we understand that. We want to cater to those players who appreciate the coaching, exposure, experience, and fellowship that our unique model provides. What is non-negotiable are committed players who are technically sound, physically prepared to compete, & mentally prepared to be leaders and deal with adversity while with Team 18.


What is the $100.00 jersey fee?

This is a one-time fee for our jersey kit consisting of purple/gold reversible, shorts, & shooting shirt, all provided by our sponsor LEGENDS. 


Can I buy Team 18 equipment?

Yes, we currently offer helmets & gloves provided by STX. These orders can be placed via email to Orders are subject to the long lead times and will be handed out at Team 18 events. (Equipment can be shipped at a cost)


How do I register?

Tournament/Event schedule will always be listed with registration links at the bottom of our website. League Apps account is REQUIRED for registration. 


Why does registration require a password?

Passwords are required as a way for us to manage our rosters and make sure we are putting together competitive teams with players we want to work with and grow with us. Please contact if interested in registering. 


How many players do you carry for a tournament?

We generally look to carry 5 attack; 6 middies; 6 long poles (including 2 LSM); 2 goalies; & 1 specialist for our youth teams, 2 often for our HS teams. 


How many age groups do you take to each event?

That varies, the schedules of our players/families dictates which teams compete at tournaments. We plan to field 2029 – 2023 teams in the summer of 2022.


How does Team 18 choose events?

Expect 8 - 10 tournament options per year. Youth events are chosen based on the level of competition, diversity of teams attending, and exposing our youth players to the game at the national level. At the HS level we are looking to attend events that will give our players the best exposure not only to college coaching staffs but a national level of competition. 


When do you practice?

Our teams do not practice regularly. Many of our players will see each other once or twice a year at training camp where we talk basics of clearing, riding, & offensive/defensive concepts. We feel the beauty of our program is our boys get to play and compete at a high level of competition without the comfort of weekly practices, scripted plays, & the general continuity of the teams we play.

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